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Friday, June 25, 2010


Some days we have it, some days we don't. Fatigue that is. Occasional drowsiness during the day or lack of interest is a common symptom of fatigue that effects the general population, and doesn't necessarily mean there is a physical, emotional, or psychological problem of any kind. It may mean you worked too hard in the garden yesterday or had a decision that wore you out mentally. These can be overcome easily by changing the habit or process in which you do that particular task. If you've made the change and your everyday responsibilities return without an abundance of fatigue, then you most likely don't suffer from chronic or persistent fatigue.

There are a number of factors that point to a reoccurring fatigue problem. Chronic fatigue usually lasts for six months or longer and interferes with daily function. The number one problem is an overgrowth of microorganisms in the body. After years of taking antibiotics or other medications, eating processed foods and sugar, and being exposed to chemicals, airborne particulates and other irritants, the body becomes less efficient, weakens and becomes a breeding ground for fungus. The longer a body is fed additives, sugars, and medications, the worst symptoms become. The body weakens according to the level of abuse throughout the years and what the body is exposed to. This is why there is a tendency for older people to develop disease.

Symptoms are the result of a buildup of fungus in the body, which alters the function of many internal organs and processes. In other words, fungus throws a wrench into typical human physiology. People reach a certain age - symptoms occur at varying ages - and they start to feel aches, pains, sluggishness, mild depression, and sleep disorders to name a few. The body is telling you a major change is necessary.

The number one step to take is change your diet - eliminate 99% of carbohydrates, eat plenty of vegetables, nuts and meat for at least six months. This change alone should increase energy levels. Also, take antifungals to kill off any microorganisms that have accumulated in the body and are causing problems for specific functions.

Fatigue has so much to do with inactivity, which is why exercise is so critical. If you are not used to physical activity, try something you enjoy doing, motivation will not be as difficult. There are so many different kinds of exercise available even if you live in a remote area where a gym is nonexistent. If you have stairs, try walking up and down them for 20 minutes a day. Get an exercise ball and work every part of your body, along with some type of cardio workout like walking or hiking.

Keep your mental health strong by surrounding yourself with others who are positive and active. Also, set up goals, short term and long term. Sometimes the last thing someone wants to do is the best thing for them. Schedule weekly visits with friends, join a knitting club, join a basketball league or golf league, meet relatives for a picnic. There are so many opportunities to break out of a rut and turn your thought process into a brighter outlook on life.

This is not intended to oversimplify a common, sometimes very debilitating disease. There are many factors that play a role in chronic fatigue. The advice above is a list of general techniques that, if tried, have helped others in the same situation. Sometimes all it takes is just a little advice to help change your life.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Month-Long Amtrak Ride

The main reason for the long absence with this blog - family. A very broad category, but an important one.

First of all, a person can learn so much about health conditions when someone in the family has one, whether it is yourself or another person close to you. Some may be small, minor and easily treatable health conditions, and then there are those that will turn a person's world upside down and backwards.

Every day there are people having heart attacks, aneurysms, kidney failures, head trauma, suffering severe burns and so on. These people definitely suffer to varying degrees and either have persistent or chronic problems, which eventually leads to death, they adjust to a new way of living, or recover and go back to life as they had lived it.

All families are different. Here is mine - although I try to not take this blog to a personal level. Within the last few months there have been family members and two friends who suffered either a stroke, a heart attack, both, a severe foodbourne illness, have come out of remission from cancer, or lost their battle with cancer. This alters everything we like to call normal everyday routine. These people who are suffering may never get to go back to the 'normal everyday routine', or have to rearrange their idea of what normal is. And it doesn't matter how hard a person may fight for their lives or against the unknown, nature will play it's role in which road will be taken and how that road is travelled. It's like getting on an Amtrak train and telling the conductor you'll get off at whatever stop he determines. Just don't give any one of us the itinerary.

And, as far as the ages of the people each disease has affected? A niece, 20 years old; a father-in-law, 74; a cousin, 45; a friend's 12 year-old daughter; and a another friend, 72. A pretty broad range of ages, testifying to the 'it can happen to anyone' theory.

This is not a plea for sympathy, just an observation, and a vision of the hardship so many people go through daily when they're dealing with disease and trauma. Sometimes it takes going through tough times yourself to see - REALLY see - the physical, emotional and psychological pain both the sick and their families experience. It's not an easy road, but you know, it really does heighten a person's empathy and builds a stronger, more responsive self. And, in the grand scheme of things in life, being there for family is the best, most rewarding trip anyone could ever take!