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Thursday, January 20, 2011

SuperHealth Awards for BioActive Nutrients

Good is good, but exceptional is better. 2010 was a great year for BioActive Nutrients. The Wisconsin based supplement company has snagged 8 different awards for 4 of their quality products - Whey Protein, Beyond Colostrum, Oil of Oregano, and Green Sweep.

Here's some background on the accredited SuperHealth Group:

The SuperHealth Group began as a local health radio show in Oklahoma City 4 years ago by Mickey O'Neill and Kyle Drew. Mickey and Kyle are growing it into a network of professionals in media, health freedom advocacy, clinical nutrition counseling, product formulation, and nutrition industry watchdogging.

They are exposed to and evaluate nutritional products each year. Their goal in giving awards is to point people to the finest, most cost-friendly, effective products available in several different categories. They believe that if people would spend their nutrition dollars with companies like BioActive Nutrients, the remaining remnants of "snake oil salesmen" would be forced out of business, and the true effectiveness of dietary supplements would be realized. Their ultimate goal, as an organization, is to inspire people to SuperHealth and help turn the tide of massive chronic disease in America through great nutrition, superior supplementation, exercise, and healthy habits, and to reduce the demand for potentially dangerous prescription medications.

Congratulations, BioActive Nutrients! Winner in 8 categories!

Protein of the Year: Whey

I'm Sick Remedy of the Year: Oregano

Immune Health Product of the Year: Beyond Colostrum

Fiber of the Year: Green Sweep

Innovation of the Year: Beyond Colostrum
Best New Product of the Year: Beyond Colostrum
Product of the Year: Beyond Colostrum

Value Priced Company of the Year: BioActive Nutrients

Try them out!

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