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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dietary Guidelines

Didja' Know the USDA is required by law to review and, if necessary, update the Dietary Guidelines for Americans every 5 years? The nutrition industry has been trying to bring good health to Americans for decades, and the government-based health organizations are finally seeing that "eating and physical activity patterns that are focused on consuming fewer calories, making informed food choices, and being physically active can help people attain and maintain a healthy weight, reduce their risk of chronic disease, and promote overall health?" Well, this is not a news flash to many of us, however, we can be thankful it has come to fruition. We could use a little help spreading the word on good health.

The Dietary Guidelines are meant for persons aged 2 and older, for America's multifaceted groups, and account for food preferences, customs and cultural traditions. Consideration has also been made for the 15% of American households unable to acquire the proper foods to sustain adequate levels of nutrition to maintain good health. The arms of the USDA are trying to extend their reach to include all Americans, however, realistically there are people who are indifferent to good health and making it a priority.

There are key recommendations set up in the Dietary Guidelines that should be in the forefront of improving public health, regardless of age, culture or economics. The recommendations include:
  • Balancing Calories to Manage Weight
  • Foods and Food Components to Reduce
  • Foods and Nutrients to Increase
  • Building Healthy Eating Patterns
Our favorite recommendation is listed under 'Foods and Nutrients to Increase:'
  • Choose foods that provide more potassium, dietary fiber, calcium, and vitamin D, which are nutrients of concern in American diets. These foods include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and milk and milk products.
Overall, the Dietary Guidelines put forth by the USDA are a great checklist for anyone looking to improve their health and the health of their family. Improving the health of vast numbers is daunting, as the supplement industry has found out, but with increased acceptance of higher health standards and the ability to widely promote these standards, in time we can all help make America a healthier nation. Let's do it!

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